Château Mouton Rothschild

Finally upgraded to First Growth status in 1973, Mouton Rothschild is one of the world's most famous wines.

The late Baron Philippe de Rothschild was one of the first proprietors to insist on all of the production being bottled at the Chateau as far back as the 1920's and the popular artists' labels have been featured since the legendary 1945 vintage. Artists have included Andy Warhol, Georges Braque, Henry Moore, Jean Cocteau, Salvador Dali, Joan Miro, Marc Chagall and Wassily Kandinsky among many others.

Mouton Rothschild

Colour Region Vintage Wine, Grower Size Cs Bts GBP
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RedBordeaux2013Mouton RothschildBT612001,235.00cs91/93RPAdd to Basket
RedBordeaux2012Mouton RothschildBT3562,800.00cs95/97RPAdd to Basket
RedBordeaux2008Mouton RothschildBT403,000.00cs94RPAdd to Basket
RedBordeaux2007Mouton RothschildBT502,850.00cs92RPAdd to Basket
RedBordeaux2006Mouton RothschildBT1303,350.00cs98+RPAdd to Basket
RedBordeaux2006Mouton RothschildMG103,400.00cs98+RPAdd to Basket
RedBordeaux2005Mouton RothschildBT803,600.00cs96RPAdd to Basket
RedBordeaux2005Mouton RothschildMG02616.67bt96RPAdd to Basket
RedBordeaux2005Mouton RothschildIM-12,700.00bt96RPAdd to Basket
RedBordeaux2004Mouton RothschildMG102,850.00cs92RPAdd to Basket
RedBordeaux2003Mouton RothschildMG103,150.00cs91RPAdd to Basket
RedBordeaux2001Mouton RothschildBT163,000.00cs89RPAdd to Basket
RedBordeaux1999Mouton Rothschild BT103,150.00cs93RPAdd to Basket
RedBordeaux1998Mouton RothschildBT203,200.00cs96RPAdd to Basket
RedBordeaux1997Mouton Rothschild

Ex Chateau

MG1003,000.00cs90RPAdd to Basket
RedBordeaux1995Mouton Rothschild BT203,300.00cs95+RPAdd to Basket
RedBordeaux1991Mouton RothschildBT102,750.00cs86+RPAdd to Basket
RedBordeaux1989Mouton Rothschild

Slightly Damp Affected Labels

bt90RPAdd to Basket
RedBordeaux1986Mouton RothschildBT066,500.00cs100RPAdd to Basket
RedBordeaux1986Mouton Rothschild

Non OWC, Excellent levels, very slightly scuffed/faded labels

cs100RPAdd to Basket
RedBordeaux1986Mouton Rothschild

Very slightly damp affected labels

cs100RPAdd to Basket
RedBordeaux1982Mouton RothschildBT1010,800.00cs100RPAdd to Basket
RedBordeaux1982Mouton Rothschild

Torn Labels

bt100RPAdd to Basket
RedBordeaux1982Mouton Rothschild


bt100RPAdd to Basket
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