How To Order En Primeur

For customers wishing to purchase wines en primeur from Farr Vintners, we offer the following options:

Firstly, you can place a Pre-Order. This is the perfect solution for those customers who do not wish to be bothered every time a wine that they want to buy is released during the campaign. By selecting the pre-order button against a wine on the price list, you can specify a quantity which will be invoiced to you automatically once the wine is released, as long as it is within our price estimates and allocations allow. This is the best way to secure the wines that you wish to order but does mean that you have committed to purchase them. We, in return, will invoice you at a competitive market price ahead of customers who do not pre-order in advance.

We now offer an optional Maximum Price Limit (Max Price) that you may enter if you wish - either below or above our top estimate. For example, if our estimate for a particular wine is £5000-£10,000 but you are only prepared to pay £7,500, then by entering this price in the upper price limit, we will only invoice you if the price on release is below or equal to £7,500. If you wish to buy the wine even if the price is over our top estimate, you can choose your own higher limit.

Secondly, you can place wines on a Wish List. By clicking on the wish list button in the price list, you can specify the quantity in which you are interested. On release of that wine (assuming allocations and pre-orders permit), we will email an offer to you. You are not obliged to purchase the wine.

Once these two groups have received their offers, any remaining stocks will then go on general sale on our web site. Pre-orders and wish lists can, of course, be changed on line at any time until a wine is released.

Customers who would simply like to be informed when wines are released should make sure that at least one email address has the "Offers" option ticked on the My Contact Details section of their account page.

Please note that in the event of a wine being over-subscribed we will allocate it to our customers in as scrupulously fair a way as possible with those who pre-order in advance and last year’s buyers taking priority.

As the winner of numerous “En Primeur Wine Merchant of the Year” awards, with important allocations of the great Châteaux of Bordeaux, Farr Vintners look forward to providing our customers with the best wines of the vintage at competitive prices. All of our sales staff have tasted all of the wines that we list and we are pleased to offer informed advice and, of course, a rock-solid financial footing which ensures complete “peace of mind” to the en primeur buyer.