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Colour Region Vintage Wine Size Cs Bts GBP
Per Score Help
Bordeaux2005La BienfaisanceHV10250.00cs92 RPAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2015La Réserve de Léoville BartonHV50265.00cs Add to Basket
Bordeaux2007YquemHV102,200.00cs98 NMAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2003YquemHV201,850.00cs95+ RPAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2001YquemHV6124,500.00cs100 RPAdd to Basket
Bordeaux1998YquemHV102,000.00cs94 NMAdd to Basket
Argentina2013Adrianna Vineyard Malbec Fortuna Terrae, Catena ZapataBT06580.00cs96 LGAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2003AngelusBT103,450.00cs98 RPAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2005d'AngludetBT06360.00cs90 RPAdd to Basket
Bordeaux1995ArmailhacBT20600.00cs89 RPAdd to Basket
Southern France2009Artemia Rouge, Chateau PesquieBT36260.00cs96 JDAdd to Basket
Italy2011Barbaresco Santo Stefano, Bruno GiacosaBT46780.00cs17.5 RHAdd to Basket
Portugal2008Barca Velha, Casa FerreirinhaBT310840.00cs100 RVAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2009Barde HautBT10290.00cs94 RPAdd to Basket
Italy2014Barolo Bricco delle Viole, VajraBT76580.00cs96 AGAdd to Basket
Italy2014Barolo Bussia, Aldo ConternoBT46550.00cs Add to Basket
Italy2014Barolo Cicala, Aldo ConternoBT501,050.00cs Add to Basket
Italy2014Barolo Colonello, Aldo ConternoBT601,050.00cs Add to Basket
Italy1998Barolo Falletto di Serralunga, Bruno Giacosa


bt94/96 RPAdd to Basket
Italy2004Barolo Monprivato, Giuseppe MascarelloBT061,850.00cs96 AGAdd to Basket
Italy2014Barolo Ravera, VajraBT76455.00cs93 AGAdd to Basket
Italy2014Barolo Romirasco, Aldo ConternoBT261,525.00cs Add to Basket
Italy2013Barolo, Bartolo MascarelloBT062,850.00cs98+ AGAdd to Basket
Italy2015Batàr, QuerciabellaBT06560.00cs93 AGAdd to Basket
Burgundy2014Bâtard Montrachet, Domaine LeflaiveBT105,200.00cs93/95 AMAdd to Basket

Stored at Octavian Vaults since en primeur purchase

BT550330.00cs88 RPAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2014BernadotteBT14610120.00cs91 AGAdd to Basket
2+ cases 110 each, 5+ cases 100 each. 
Bordeaux2005BeychevelleBT061,020.00cs93 RPAdd to Basket
Italy2014Bianco, MianiBT06370.00cs Add to Basket
Bordeaux2010BranonBT10850.00cs97 RPAdd to Basket
Italy1998Brunello di Montalcino Riserva, Soldera Case BasseBT064,950.00cs94 AGAdd to Basket
Italy2013Brunello di Montalcino Tenuta Nuova, Casanova di NeriBT50750.00cs98 JSAdd to Basket
Italy2013Brunello di Montalcino, Casanova di NeriBT100350.00cs93+ MLAdd to Basket
Italy2010Brunello di Montalcino, Il PoggioneBT16400.00cs98 MLAdd to Basket
Wine #4 in Winespectator top 100 wines of 2015 
Italy2007Brunello di Montalcino, ValdicavaBT30570.00cs98 JSAdd to Basket
Argentina2009Cabernet Sauvignon Nicolas Catena ZapataBT10550.00cs95 NMAdd to Basket
Argentina2007Cabernet Sauvignon Nicolas Catena ZapataBT06670.00cs98 JMAdd to Basket
U.S.A.2014Cabernet Sauvignon St Eden, BondBT064,400.00cs98/99 JSAdd to Basket
U.S.A.2015Cabernet Sauvignon, Quilceda CreekBT201,750.00cs Add to Basket
U.S.A.1997Cabernet Sauvignon, SeaveyBT201,450.00cs Add to Basket
Bordeaux2004Calon SégurBT10800.00cs89 RPAdd to Basket
Rhône2015CDP Barbe-Rac, ChapoutierBT10620.00cs96 JDAdd to Basket
Rhône2010CDP Château de Beaucastel Rouge, PerrinBT10600.00cs95 RPAdd to Basket
Rhône2009CDP Château de Beaucastel Rouge, PerrinBT10550.00cs94 RPAdd to Basket
Rhône2006CDP Château de Beaucastel Rouge, PerrinBT30525.00cs95 RPAdd to Basket
Rhône2005CDP Château de Beaucastel Rouge, PerrinBT16580.00cs94 RPAdd to Basket
Rhône2009CDP Reserve des Celestins, Domaine Henri BonneauBT103,200.00cs94/97 JDAdd to Basket
Rhône2015CDP Croix de Bois, ChapoutierBT30620.00cs97 JCAdd to Basket
Rhône2007CDP Cuvée Chaupin, Domaine de la Janasse


cs98 RPAdd to Basket
Rhône2010CDP Cuvee Speciale, Tardieu-LaurentBT16350.00cs93 JORAdd to Basket
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