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Colour Region Vintage Wine Size Qty Units Price IB GBP Per Score
Spain2018Lalama, Dominio do BibeiBT3 \ 036190.001293+ LG3621.11111066666793.1093.10Lalama, Dominio do Bibei0.7510
Spain2017Lacima, Dominio do BibeiBT10 \ 0 120380.001293 LG12042.22222133333393.0093.00Lacima, Dominio do Bibei0.7510
Spain2016Dominio do Bibei TintoBT2 \ 024480.001295 LG2453.33333333333395.0095.00Dominio do Bibei Tinto0.7510
Spain2021Albarino O Rosal, Bodegas Terras GaudaBT9 \ 0108150.0012 10816.666666666667Albarino O Rosal, Terras Gauda0.7530
Spain2021Albariño, ZarateBT2 \ 024200.0012 2422.222221333333Albarino, Zarate0.7530
Spain2020Balado Albariño, Zarate

6 bottle minimum order

BT2 \ 024290.001295 LG2432.22222133333395.0095.00Albarino Balado, Zarate0.7530
Spain2020Albarino Carralcoba, Eulogio Pomares NewBT3 \ 036350.0012 3638.888888Albarino Carralcoba, Pomares, Eulogio0.7530
Spain2020Sal da Terra Albariño, Eulogio Pomares

6 bottle minimum order

BT1 \ 416280.001293 LG1631.11111066666793.0093.00Albarino Sal da Terra, Pomares, Eulogio0.7530
Spain2020As Sortes, Rafael PalaciosBT3 \ 036420.001295+ LG3646.66666666666795.1095.10As Sortes, Palacios, Rafael0.7530
Spain2019Albarino Castineiro, Eulogio Pomares

6 bottle minimum order

BT2 \ 630330.001293 LG3036.66666666666793.0093.00Albarino Castineiro, Pomares, Eulogio0.7530
Spain2019Albarino Tras da Vina, Zarate

6 bottle minimum order

BT1 \ 012290.001295 LG1232.22222133333395.0095.00Albarino Tras da Vina, Zarate0.7530
Spain2019As Sortes, Rafael PalaciosBT2 \ 024420.001298 PT2446.66666666666798.0098.00As Sortes, Palacios, Rafael0.7530
Spain2019Lapola, Dominio do BibeiBT3 \ 036220.001293 LG3624.44444493.0093.00Lapola, Dominio do Bibei0.7530
Spain2019Mixtura, Independent Wines

Revelation Wine of the Peñín Guide 2022

BT1 \ 618275.001294 FV1830.55555466666794.0094.00Mixtura, Independent Wines0.7530
Spain2017Lalume, Dominio do BibeiBT3 \ 036190.0012 3621.111110666667Lalume, Dominio do Bibei0.7530
Spain2015Lapena, Dominio do Bibei

6 bottle minimum order

BT0 \ 66600.001293 LG666.66666666666793.0093.00Lapena, Dominio do Bibei0.7530
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