Odd Bottles

Farr Vintners does not offer a retail service but can on occasion, offer odd bottles (less than a full case quantity). The website will allow a customer to order these odd bottles where we have odd bottle lots available. In some instances we may be in a position to offer some 'top wines' in smaller volume but please contact a member of the sales team to enquire.

Please also note that as wines are increasingly being packed in six bottle cases, some of the wines listed here as six bottles may actually be full 6-bottle cases. Final confirmation of your order will follow in the form of an invoice.

Please also note that our minimum order of £500 must be observed.

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Colour Region Vintage Wine Size Cs Bts GBP
Per Score Help
Bordeaux2016La Fleur PétrusBT1261,900.00cs92/94 NMAdd to Basket

3 Bottle OWC

BT166,200.00cs96/98 NMAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2015ClinetBT16940.00cs99/100 JSAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2015GraciaBT56780.00cs97/98 JSAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2015Les Pensées de LafleurBT161,500.00cs91/93 NMAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2015Rauzan Ségla BT56960.00cs96/98 NMAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2014AlverneBT225320.00cs16.5 FVAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2014La BernadotteBT1554100.00cs91 AGAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2014CanonBT56650.00cs94 NMAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2014La ChenadeBT753135.00cs92 JSAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2014La Conseillante BT16800.00cs96 JSAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2014Les CruzellesMG93170.00cs91 NMAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2014Enclos TourmalineBT461,250.00cs93 NMAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2014FigeacBT961,040.00cs96 AGAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2014Grand Puy Lacoste BT16455.00cs92+ NMAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2014Grand Puy Lacoste MG03455.00cs92+ NMAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2014MontroseBT561,125.00cs97 AGAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2014Mouton RothschildBT563,800.00cs95 NMAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2014Pape Clément RougeBT16640.00cs94 NMAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2014Pauillac - Farr VintnersBT10010160.00cs91 DSMAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2013Beauséjour DuffauBT06490.00
cs90 NMAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2013Pontet CanetBT26675.00
cs90/92 RPAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2013La VioletteBT061,500.00cs86/88 RPAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2012BatailleyBT756320.00cs92 RPAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2012Clos Fourtet BT06720.00cs95 RPAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2012La ConseillanteBT261,000.00cs96 RPAdd to Basket

Non OWC, Stained Labels

cs93 NMAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2012GloriaBT4711270.00cs88 RPAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2012Malartic Lagravière RougeBT26360.00cs94 RPAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2012Montlandrie (Denis Durantou)BT146140.00cs87/88 RPAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2012Mouton RothschildBT163,750.00cs94 RPAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2012Petit Figeac (2nd wine of Figeac)BT548285.00cs91 AGAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2012La Petite Eglise (2nd label Eglise Clinet)BT16260.00cs91/93 NMAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2012Rauzan SéglaBT16575.00cs94+ RPAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2012SéglaBT6311240.00cs93 JSAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2012SenejacBT6110110.00cs86 RPAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2012Les Tourelles de LonguevilleHV812260.00cs91 JSAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2012Villa Bel-AirBT1056110.00cs15.5+ FVAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2011Les Cruzelles BT16180.00cs89 RPAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2011L'IfBT161,050.00cs92 TAAdd to Basket
cs92/94 RPAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2011MargauxMG033,400.00cs93 RPAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2011Montlandrie (Denis Durantou)BT36140.00cs90 RPAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2011Le Pin

3 Bottle OWC

BT0619,000.00cs95 RPAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2010Les Allées de CantemerleBT1574150.00cs91 JSAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2010La BernadotteBT119150.00cs89 RPAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2010La Chapelle de la MissionBT0470.83bt93 RPAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2010ClinetBT231,050.00cs96+ RPAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2010Clos CanonBT366295.00cs92 JSAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2010Haut BaillyBT361,200.00cs97+ RPAdd to Basket
All prices exclude UK duty & VAT and all wines are offered subject to remaining unsold. E&OE.
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