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Environmental Issues

Farr Vintners makes every effort to be environmentally responsible. We strive to have a virtually paper-less office. We send no printed price lists or catalogues - all our wines are offered by e-mail and on-line. Invoices are sent by e-mail and are no longer printed. Customers are encouraged to pay on-line or by bank transfer.

In our efficiently managed modern offices we re-cycle all glass, plastics and paper. We have a purpose-built bicycle store to encourage staff to cycle to work and those staff who don't cycle invariably use public transport.

We supply virtually all our wines in their original cases thus eliminating wasteful re-packaging. We store all our wine including our vast customer reserves in our own modern, state-of-the-art warehouse at Melksham which is operated for us by LCB. Customers can buy and sell their wine quickly and efficiently through Farr Vintners without the cases ever having to be moved.