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Château Figeac

After months of speculation, the 2022 St Emilion classification has been announced, with Château Figeac now crowned as “Premier Grand Cru Classé A”. Conjecture (justified in our view) that Châteaux Troplong Mondot and Canon were to be promoted turned out to be just that and, of course, the situation is muddied by the withdrawal of Châteaux Ausone, Cheval Blanc and Angélus from the classification.

St Emilion politics notwithstanding, Figeac’s promotion is overdue. The quality of the terroir here has never been in doubt and for the past decade or so the property has achieved the consistency of excellence that has always been possible. Château Figeac is firmly part of the St Emilion elite. 

Our full selection of Chateau Figeac is below, notably our four bottle mixed cases, which contain one bottle each of the 2009, 2010, 2015 & 2016 vintages – an evolution sample case if you like.  The bottles are packed in their own, Figeac-branded, wooden cases and are lying with us.

Colour Region Vintage Wine Size Qty Units Price IB GBP Per Score
BordeauxM.V.Mixed Case Figeac

OWC, Ex Chateau, contains 1 bottle each 2016, 2015, 2010 & 2009

BT420 \ 0 80900.004 80300Mixed Case Figeac0.7510
Wines are offered subject to remaining unsold. E&OE.
Colour Region Vintage Wine Size Qty Units Price IB GBP Per Score
Bordeaux2021FigeacBT5 \ 0601,956.001295/97 NM60217.3333333333397.0095.00Figeac0.7510
Bordeaux2020Figeac NewBT1 \ 0122,500.001296/98 NM12277.7777773333398.0096.00Figeac0.7510
Bordeaux2020FigeacDM88850.00bt96/98 NM8283.3333333333398.0096.00Figeac310
Bordeaux2020FigeacSZ222,600.00bt96/98 NM2288.8888888888998.0096.00Figeac910
Bordeaux2019FigeacDM441,000.00bt100 LPB4333.33333333333100.00100.00Figeac310
Bordeaux2019FigeacIM552,000.00bt100 LPB5333.33333333333100.00100.00Figeac610
Bordeaux2018FigeacDM33910.00bt97 NM3303.3333333333397.0097.00Figeac310
Bordeaux2017FigeacBT1 \ 0121,720.001297 AG12191.1111106666797.0097.00Figeac0.7510
Bordeaux2014FigeacBT1 \ 6181,800.001296 AG1820096.0096.00Figeac0.7510
Bordeaux2013FigeacBT8 \ 0961,550.001293 JS96172.2222213333393.0093.00Figeac0.7510
Bordeaux1998FigeacBT0 \ 663,300.001290 RP6366.6666666666790.0090.00Figeac0.7510
Wines are offered subject to remaining unsold. E&OE.