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Domaine Claude Dugat

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Colour Region Vintage Wine Size Qty Units Price IB GBP Per Score
Burgundy2019Charmes Chambertin, Domaine Claude DugatBT1 \ 0126,200.001294/96+ WK12688.88891696.1094.00Charmes Chambertin, Dugat, Claude0.7510
Burgundy2019Gevrey Lavaux Saint Jacques, Domaine Claude DugatBT1 \ 0123,500.001293/95+ WK12388.8888746666795.1093.00Gevrey Lavaux St Jacques, Dugat, Claude0.7510
Burgundy2019Griotte Chambertin, Domaine Claude DugatBT1 \ 01211,400.001296/98+ WK121266.666666666798.1096.00Griotte Chambertin, Dugat, Claude0.7510
Burgundy2018Charmes Chambertin, Domaine Claude DugatBT2 \ 0245,400.001296 WK2460096.0096.00Charmes Chambertin, Dugat, Claude0.7510
Burgundy2018Gevrey La Marie, Domaine Claude DugatBT2 \ 0241,390.001289/92 AM24154.4444466666792.0089.00Gevrey La Marie, Dugat, Claude0.7510
Burgundy2018Gevrey Premier Cru, Domaine Claude DugatBT1 \ 0122,650.0012 12294.44443733333Gevrey Premier Cru, Dugat, Claude0.7510
Burgundy2016Charmes Chambertin, Domaine Claude DugatBT1 \ 0124,650.001291/93 AM12516.6666666666793.0091.00Charmes Chambertin, Dugat, Claude0.7510
Burgundy2010Charmes Chambertin, Domaine Claude DugatBT1 \ 0126,900.001294 AM12766.6666666666794.0094.00Charmes Chambertin, Dugat, Claude0.7510
Burgundy2010Gevrey Premier Cru, Domaine Claude DugatBT2 \ 6303,400.001290/93 AM30377.7777906666793.0090.00Gevrey Premier Cru, Dugat, Claude0.7510
Burgundy2009Gevrey Premier Cru, Domaine Claude DugatBT3 \ 0363,000.001289/92 AM36333.3333333333392.0089.00Gevrey Premier Cru, Dugat, Claude0.7510
Burgundy2008Gevrey Premier Cru, Domaine Claude Dugat NewBT1 \ 0122,400.001293 AG12266.6666666666793.0093.00Gevrey Premier Cru, Dugat, Claude0.7510
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