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Etienne Guigal

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Colour Region Vintage Wine Size Qty Units Price IB GBP Per Score
Rhône2018Saint Joseph Lieu Dit, Etienne GuigalBT3 \ 036330.0012 3636.666666666667Saint Joseph Lieu Dit, Guigal0.7510
Rhône2017Cote Rotie Brune et Blonde, Etienne GuigalBT7 \ 084395.0012 8443.888885333333Cote Rotie Brune et Blonde, Guigal0.7510
Rhône2017Côte Rôtie Château d'Ampuis, Etienne GuigalBT3 \ 642760.001296/99 JD4284.44444499.0096.00Cote Rotie Ch d'Ampuis, Guigal0.7510
Rhône2017Cote Rotie La Landonne, Etienne GuigalBT3 \ 6422,650.001297/100 JD42294.444444100.0097.00Cote Rotie Landonne, Guigal0.7510
Rhône2017Côte Rôtie La Mouline, Etienne GuigalBT4 \ 3512,650.001297/99 JD51294.44444499.0097.00Cote Rotie Mouline, Guigal0.7510
Rhône2017Côte Rôtie La Turque, Etienne GuigalBT4 \ 9572,650.001297/100 JD57294.444444100.0097.00Cote Rotie Turque, Guigal0.7510
Rhône2017Côtes du Rhône Rouge, Etienne GuigalBT30 \ 6 36695.001289 JD36610.55555466666789.0089.00Cotes du Rhone Rouge, Guigal0.7510
Rhône2017Côtes du Rhône Rouge, Etienne GuigalMG5 \ 03098.00689 JD3010.88888866666789.0089.00Cotes du Rhone Rouge, Guigal1.510
Rhône2016Côte Rôtie Château d'Ampuis, Etienne GuigalBT3 \ 642760.001295/97 JD4284.44444497.0095.00Cote Rotie Ch d'Ampuis, Guigal0.7510
Rhône2016Côte Rôtie La Turque, Etienne Guigal

6 bottle minimum order

BT1 \ 0122,450.001295/98 JD12272.2222213333398.0095.00Cote Rotie Turque, Guigal0.7510
Rhône2016Saint Joseph Vignes de l'Hospice, Etienne GuigalBT3 \ 036540.0012 3660Saint Joseph Vignes de l'Hospice, Guigal0.7510
Rhône2015Côte Rôtie La Turque, Etienne Guigal

6 bottle minimum order

BT0 \ 663,250.001297/100 JD6361.11111066667100.0097.00Cote Rotie Turque, Guigal0.7510
Rhône2015Ermitage Ex Voto Rouge, Etienne GuigalBT3 \ 6422,195.001298+ JD42243.88888898.1098.10Ermitage Ex Voto Rouge, Guigal0.7510
Rhône2009Côte Rôtie La Turque, Etienne GuigalBT0 \ 663,800.0012100 RP6422.222208100.00100.00Cote Rotie Turque, Guigal0.7510
Rhône2007Cote Rotie La Landonne, Etienne GuigalBT0 \ 33245.83bt97+ RP3327.7777773333397.1097.10Cote Rotie Landonne, Guigal0.7510
Rhône2019Condrieu La Doriane, Etienne GuigalBT12 \ 0 144595.001298 JD14466.11111066666798.0098.00Condrieu Doriane, Guigal0.7530
Rhône2019Condrieu, Etienne GuigalBT5 \ 060350.0012 6038.888888Condrieu, Guigal0.7530
Rhône2016Ermitage Ex Voto Blanc, Etienne GuigalBT2 \ 6301,290.0012 30143.33333333333Ermitage Ex Voto Blanc, Guigal0.7530
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