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Envinate (translation: "wine yourself") is a collective of four winemaking friends who met whilst studying together at university.  Without ties or duties to take over at any family winery, they began making wine from vineyards in some of Spain’s most historic regions, starting in Ribeira Sacra and Tenerife.  Further sites have been added since, but the goal has remained the same: expressing the differences that varieties, sites and soils and elevations can offer with traditional farming and winemaking techniques.  In many instances, these were vineyards that were close to being abandoned as the older generation retired, and futile for larger companies given their low yields and hard-to-work steep slopes.

In the last 10 years, Envinante have achieved near-legendary levels of success, yet, prices remain reasonable.  “Really exciting wines, full of personality, reflecting their origin and vintage….a name to follow” wrote Luis Guiterrez for robertparker.com in February 2015, and the press hasn’t stopped since.  Harder to find the wines may be, but the value is incredible.