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Léoville Las Cases

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Colour Region Vintage Wine Size Qty Units Price IB GBP Per Score
Bordeaux2020Léoville Las CasesBT5 \ 6662,376.001296/98 NM6626498.0096.00Leoville Las Cases0.7510
Bordeaux2018Léoville Las Cases NewHV 0 \ 12122,400.002499 LPB12266.6666666666799.0099.00Leoville Las Cases0.37510
Bordeaux2018Léoville Las Cases NewBT1 \ 0122,240.001299 LPB12248.88888899.0099.00Leoville Las Cases0.7510
Bordeaux2017Léoville Las Cases NewDM66600.00bt97+ AG620097.1097.10Leoville Las Cases310
Bordeaux2015Léoville Las CasesDM22640.00bt97 NM2213.3333333333397.0097.00Leoville Las Cases310
Bordeaux2007Léoville Las CasesDM22580.00bt91+ RP2193.3333333333391.1091.10Leoville Las Cases310
Bordeaux2000Léoville Las Cases

Packed in 6 magnum OWC

MG0 \ 442,700.00698 RP430098.0098.00Leoville Las Cases1.510
Bordeaux1999Léoville Las Cases

Ex Chateau, 2016 Release

BT4 \ 0481,800.001293 RP4820093.0093.00Leoville Las Cases0.7510
Bordeaux1995Léoville Las CasesBT2 \ 0242,050.001296 NM24227.7777773333396.0096.00Leoville Las Cases0.7510
Bordeaux1995Léoville Las CasesIM111,800.00bt96 NM130096.0096.00Leoville Las Cases610
Bordeaux1994Léoville Las CasesIM111,300.00bt91 RP1216.6666666666791.0091.00Leoville Las Cases610
Bordeaux1986Léoville Las Cases

OWC, high fill, very slightly damp affected label

bt100 RP1550100.00100.00Leoville Las Cases610
Bordeaux1982Léoville Las Cases

OWC, perfect neck levels, good labels

BT5 \ 0605,000.0012100 RP60555.55555466667100.00100.00Leoville Las Cases0.7510
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