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Colour Region Vintage Wine Size Cs Bts GBP
Per Score Help
Bordeaux2013Lilian LadouysBT20105.00cs Add to Basket
Bordeaux2011BeaumontBT30110.00cs87 WSAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2013Chapelle de PotensacBT50110.00cs Add to Basket
Bordeaux2013FonbelBT50110.00cs82/84 NMAdd to Basket
Germany2014Riesling Spatlese Trocken SL, Schloss LieserBT06150.00
cs93 JGAdd to Basket
Rhône2009Vinsobres les Cornuds, Domaines PerrinBT30120.00cs90/93 RPAdd to Basket
Rhône2013Coudoulet de Beaucastel Rouge, Domaines PerrinBT100125.00cs87/89 JDAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2011Montlandrie (Denis Durantou)BT10140.00cs90 RPAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2009La Tour de ByBT10140.00cs90 NMAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2013Lalande BorieBT20150.00cs90 RVAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2007Cambon la PelouseDM-11060.00bt85/88 STAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2001Côte de BaleauBT10180.00cs90 RPAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2010FonbelBT20185.00cs87 RPAdd to Basket
South Africa2012AnwilkaBT10200.00cs91 RPAdd to Basket
Germany2015Wehlener Sonnenuhr Kabinett, J. J. PrumBT10200.00cs94 JFRAdd to Basket

Non OWC, Stained Labels

cs16.5 FVAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2010La ChenadeBT30210.00cs92 NMAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2000La ChenadeBT10210.00cs14 FVAdd to Basket
Burgundy2015Cote de Nuits Villages, Domaine Denis Berthaut / Domaine Berthaut-GerbetBT150210.00cs Add to Basket
Bordeaux2009la GardeBT20210.00cs88 RPAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2001PotensacBT40210.00cs87 RPAdd to Basket

Slightly Stained Labels

cs16.5 FVAdd to Basket
Rhône2015Vinsobres VV Hauts de Julien, Domaines PerrinBT150210.00cs94/96 JDAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2010le CrockBT20220.00cs17 SSAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2011La Petite Eglise (2nd label Eglise Clinet)BT10225.00cs89/91 NMAdd to Basket
Rhône2007Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Domaine Pierre UsseglioBT10240.00cs93 RPAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2012SéglaBT640240.00cs93 JSAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2010Blason d'IssanBT20245.00cs88/90 NMAdd to Basket
Burgundy2014Gevrey Chambertin, Symphonie, Alain BurguetBT20260.00cs88/90 AMAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2012La Petite Eglise (2nd label Eglise Clinet)BT26260.00cs91/93 NMAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2003Sarget de Gruaud LaroseBT10260.00cs Add to Basket
Bordeaux2010La Fleur de BoüardBT10265.00cs92 RPAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2010Les Ormes de PezBT20280.00cs95 JSAdd to Basket
Rhône2013Cote Rotie Ampodium, Domaine René RostaingBT100280.00cs90/92 JDAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2009Les Ormes de PezMG10280.00cs89 RPAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2009PoujeauxBT20290.00cs92 RPAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2010Clos RenéBT10295.00cs Add to Basket
Burgundy2011Pommard Premier Cru, Nicholas RossignolBT70295.00cs Add to Basket
Bordeaux2013IssanBT20300.00cs85/87 RPAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2000PotensacBT20300.00cs89 RPAdd to Basket
Burgundy2009Savigny Lavières, Domaine Chandon de BriaillesBT20300.00cs89/91 AMAdd to Basket
Germany2015Wehlener Sonnenuhr Spatlese, J. J. PrumBT06300.00cs93 SRAdd to Basket
Rhône2014CDP Cuvée Mon Aieul, Domaine Pierre UsseglioBT20310.00cs94 JDAdd to Basket
Italy2012Brunello di Montalcino, Castiglion del BoscoBT80320.00cs96 JSAdd to Basket
Rhône2015Gigondas L'Argnee VV, Domaines PerrinBT150320.00cs17+ RHAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2008Les Hauts de Pontet CanetBT10320.00cs Add to Basket
Rhône2014CDP Cuvée Mon Aieul, Domaine Pierre UsseglioMG20320.00cs94 JDAdd to Basket
Rhône2012Cote Rotie Ampodium, Domaine René RostaingBT120330.00cs92 JDAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2000RieussecHV10330.00cs91 RPAdd to Basket
Bordeaux1995d'AngludetBT10350.00cs88 RPAdd to Basket
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