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Colour Region Vintage Wine Size Cs Bts Price IB GBP Per Score
Portugal2018Callabriga, Casa FerreirinhaBT30150.0012 3616.666666666667Callabriga, Ferreirinha0.75
Portugal2018Chryseia, Prats & SymingtonBT56480.0012 6653.333333333333Chryseia, Prats & Symington0.75
Portugal2018Post Scriptum, Prats & SymingtonBT50160.0012 6017.777777333333Post Scriptum, Prats & Symington0.75
Portugal2017Chryseia, Prats & SymingtonBT50450.001295 MS605095.0095.00Chryseia, Prats & Symington0.75
Portugal2017Chryseia, Prats & SymingtonMG23520.00695 MS1557.77777695.0095.00Chryseia, Prats & Symington1.5
Portugal2017Chryseia, Prats & SymingtonDM-1198.00bt95 MS16695.0095.00Chryseia, Prats & Symington3
Portugal2017Quinta da Leda, Casa FerreirinhaBT30330.001295 RV3636.66666666666795.0095.00Quinta da Leda, Ferreirinha0.75
Portugal2017Roquette e Cazes Tinto, Roquette e Cazes - Quinta do CrastoBT56190.0012 6621.111110666667Roquette e Cazes Tinto0.75
Portugal2017Vinha do Souto, Quinta da Fonte Souto - Symington Family EstatesBT33428.0012 3947.555556Vinha do Souto, Quinta da Fonte Souto0.75
Portugal2017Vinha Maria Teresa, Quinta do Crasto

6 bottle minimum order

BT261,300.001296 MS30144.44444496.0096.00Vinha Maria Teresa, Quinta do Crasto0.75
Portugal2017Vinha Maria Teresa, Quinta do CrastoMG051,480.00696 MS5164.4444473333396.0096.00Vinha Maria Teresa, Quinta do Crasto1.5
Portugal2016Quinta da Leda, Casa FerreirinhaBT06340.001295 FV637.77777695.0095.00Quinta da Leda, Ferreirinha0.75
Portugal2016Tinta Roriz, Quinta do CrastoBT50380.0012 6042.222221333333Tinta Roriz, Quinta do Crasto0.75
Portugal2016Touriga Franca, Quinta do CrastoBT50380.001293 MS6042.22222133333393.0093.00Touriga Franca, Quinta do Crasto0.75
Portugal2015Chryseia, Prats & Symington NewMG03450.00
694 MS34594.0094.00Chryseia, Prats & Symington1.5
Portugal2015Quinta do Vesuvio Douro Red, Symington Family Estates - Quinta do VesuvioBT30390.0012 3643.333333333333Quinta do Vesuvio Douro Red, Symington0.75
Portugal2015Xisto, Roquette e Cazes - Quinta do CrastoBT36630.0012 4270Xisto, Roquette e Cazes0.75
Portugal2014Chryseia, Prats & SymingtonMG13490.00691 MS954.44444266666791.0091.00Chryseia, Prats & Symington1.5
Portugal2011Mouchão Tinto Tonel 3-4, Herdade do Mouchao Further Reduced

Not in original carton

bt97 MS1113.3333333333397.0097.00Mouchao Tinto Tonel 3-40.75
Portugal2007Reserva Especial, Casa FerreirinhaBT101,400.001296+ MS12155.5555546666796.1096.10Reserva Especial, Ferreirinha0.75
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