Northern Rhone

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Colour Region Vintage Wine Size Cs Bts GBP
Per Score Help
Rhône2016Cornas Cuvee Renaissance, Domaine Auguste Clape BT30600.00cs91/94 JCAdd to Basket
Rhône2016Cornas La Geynale, Domaine Vincent ParisBT20450.00cs95/97 JCAdd to Basket
Rhône2016Cornas Vieilles Fontaines, Domaine Alain VogeBT20980.00cs98 JDAdd to Basket
Rhône2016Cornas, Philippe PacaletBT10560.00cs Add to Basket
Rhône2016Cote Rotie Ampodium, Domaine René RostaingBT100400.00cs91/93 JCAdd to Basket
Rhône2016Cote Rotie Ampodium, Domaine René RostaingMG20420.00cs91/93 JCAdd to Basket
Rhône2015Cornas Cuvee Renaissance, Domaine Auguste ClapeBT10720.00cs96 JDAdd to Basket
Rhône2015Cornas Granit 30, Domaine Vincent ParisBT10225.00cs92 JDAdd to Basket
Rhône2015Cornas Les Eygats, CourbisBT16900.00cs100 JDAdd to Basket
Rhône2015Cornas Saint Pierre, Paul Jaboulet AinéBT10390.00
cs93/95 JDAdd to Basket
Rhône2015Cote Rotie Brune et Blonde, Etienne GuigalBT70350.00cs93 JCAdd to Basket
Rhône2015Côte Rôtie Château d'Ampuis, Etienne GuigalBT100720.00cs97/99 JDAdd to Basket
Rhône2015Cote Rotie Les Elotins, Billon BT06480.00
cs93/95 JDAdd to Basket
Rhône2015Cote Rotie Terrasses, Jamet, Jean-LucBT90780.00cs Add to Basket
Rhône2015Crozes Hermitage Domaine de Thalabert, Paul Jaboulet AinéBT90250.00cs97 JDAdd to Basket
Rhône2015Crozes Hermitage Domaine de Thalabert, Paul Jaboulet AinéMG230255.00cs97 JDAdd to Basket
Rhône2015Ermitage Greffieux, Chapoutier BT101,380.00
cs98 JCAdd to Basket
Rhône2015Ermitage l'Ermite, ChapoutierBT103,600.00
cs100 JDAdd to Basket
Rhône2015Ermitage Le Pavillon, Chapoutier BT303,000.00cs100 JDAdd to Basket
Rhône2015Hermitage La Chapelle, Paul Jaboulet AinéBT201,980.00cs100 JDAdd to Basket
Rhône2015Hermitage Rouge, J-L ChaveBT364,200.00cs96/98 JORAdd to Basket
Rhône2015Saint Joseph Lieu Dit, Etienne GuigalBT30340.00cs94/96 JDAdd to Basket
Rhône2015Saint Joseph Rouge, J-L ChaveBT66600.00cs94 JDAdd to Basket
Rhône2014Cornas, Domaine Auguste Clape BT40850.00cs93 JDAdd to Basket
Rhône2014Cote Rotie Brune et Blonde, Etienne GuigalBT30340.00cs17 JRAdd to Basket
Rhône2014Côte Rôtie Côte Brune, Domaine JametBT103,000.00cs94 JDAdd to Basket
Rhône2014Cote Rotie La Landonne, Etienne GuigalBT192,200.00cs97/99 JDAdd to Basket
Rhône2014Côte Rôtie La Mouline, Etienne GuigalBT202,150.00cs95/97 JDAdd to Basket
Rhône2014Côte Rôtie La Turque, Etienne GuigalBT292,150.00cs94/97 JDAdd to Basket
Rhône2014Côte Rôtie, Domaine JametBT231,200.00cs92 JDAdd to Basket
Rhône2014Hermitage Rouge, J-L ChaveBT201,800.00cs94/96 JDAdd to Basket
Rhône2013Cornas, Domaine Auguste Clape BT40850.00cs95 JDAdd to Basket
Rhône2013Cote Rotie Ampodium, Domaine René RostaingBT90280.00cs90/92 JDAdd to Basket
Rhône2013Cote Rotie La Landonne, Etienne GuigalBT262,100.00cs98+ JDAdd to Basket
Rhône2013Côte Rôtie La Mordorée, ChapoutierBT06580.00cs94 JDAdd to Basket
Rhône2013Côte Rôtie, Domaine JametBT301,200.00cs92/94 JDAdd to Basket
Rhône2013Ermitage Le Meal Rouge, Domaine Ferraton BT06500.00
cs95 JDAdd to Basket
Rhône2012Cote Rotie Ampodium, Domaine René RostaingBT90330.00cs92 JDAdd to Basket
Rhône2012Cote Rotie La Landonne, Etienne GuigalBT063,000.00cs100 JDAdd to Basket
Rhône2012Côte Rôtie La Turque, Etienne GuigalBT102,100.00cs98 JDAdd to Basket
Rhône2012Crozes Hermitage Domaine de Thalabert, Paul Jaboulet AinéBT100210.00cs17 JRAdd to Basket
Ex-Domaine. Available Early 2019 
Rhône2012Hermitage La Chapelle, Paul Jaboulet AinéBT101,100.00
cs97+ JDAdd to Basket
Rhône2012Hermitage Rouge, J-L ChaveBT201,900.00cs96 JDAdd to Basket
Rhône2011Cornas Gore, Domaine du CouletMG501,250.00
cs93 DMAdd to Basket
Rhône2011Cote Rotie La Landonne, Etienne GuigalBT0112,500.00cs99 JDAdd to Basket
Rhône2011Hermitage Rouge, J-L Chave BT361,900.00cs96+ JDAdd to Basket
Rhône2010Hermitage Bessards, DelasBT502,100.00cs100 RPAdd to Basket
Rhône2010Hermitage La Chapelle, Paul Jaboulet AinéBT301,400.00cs96+ RPAdd to Basket
Rhône2010Saint Joseph Offerus, J-L ChaveBT20190.00cs Add to Basket
Rhône2010Saint Joseph Vignes de l'Hospice, Etienne GuigalBT30580.00cs92/94 RPAdd to Basket
All prices exclude UK duty & VAT and all wines are offered subject to remaining unsold. E&OE.
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