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Colour Region Vintage Wine Size Qty Units Price IB GBP Per Score
Burgundy2020Chapelle Chambertin, Louis Jadot

En Primeur. Physically available late 2022

6 bottle minimum order

BT1 \ 0122,100.001295/97 NM12233.3333333333397.0095.00Chapelle Chambertin, Jadot0.7510
Burgundy2020Gevrey Clos Saint Jacques, Louis Jadot New

En Primeur. Physically available late 2022

HV2 \ 0481,690.002493/95 NM48187.77777695.0093.00Gevrey Clos St Jacques, Jadot0.37510
Burgundy2020Gevrey Clos Saint Jacques, Louis Jadot

En Primeur. Physically available late 2022En Primeur. Physically available late 2022

MG1 \ 061,685.00693/95 NM6187.22222295.0093.00Gevrey Clos St Jacques, Jadot1.510
Burgundy2018Chambertin Clos de Beze Ouvrees Rodin, Domaine FaiveleyBT0 \ 668,400.00
1294/97 AM680097.0094.00Chambertin Clos de Beze Ouvrees Rodin, Faiveley0.7510
Burgundy2018Gevrey Brunelle, Domaine Joseph Roty and Domaine Philippe Roty NewBT0 \ 66550.001289 AM661.11111066666789.0089.00Gevrey Brunelle, Roty0.7510
Burgundy2018Gevrey Chambertin VV, Domaine Fourrier NewBT0 \ 661,300.001288/91 AM6144.44444491.0088.00Gevrey Chambertin VV, Fourrier0.7510
Burgundy2018Gevrey Chambertin, Domaine Coquard Loison-Fleurot

6 bottle minimum order

BT2 \ 024480.001290/92 NM2453.33333333333392.0090.00Gevrey Chambertin, Coquard Loison-Fleurot0.7510
Burgundy2018Gevrey Chambertin, Dujac Fils & PereBT1 \ 618590.001289 AM1865.55555466666789.0089.00Gevrey Chambertin, Dujac Fils & Pere0.7510
Burgundy2018Gevrey Clos Saint Jacques, Domaine Esmonin NewBT2 \ 0241,750.001293 AM24194.44444493.0093.00Gevrey Clos St Jacques, Esmonin0.7510
Burgundy2018Gevrey Chambertin Coeur du Roy, Domaine Dugat-PyBT1 \ 0121,100.001289/91 AM12122.2222186666791.0089.00Gevrey Coeur du Roy, Dugat-Py0.7510
Burgundy2018Gevrey Fontenys, Domaine Joseph Roty and Domaine Philippe Roty NewBT 0 \ 11111,000.001292 AM11111.1111106666792.0092.00Gevrey Fontenys, Roty0.7510
Burgundy2018Latricières Chambertin, Maison Henri BoillotBT0 \ 662,180.001295 WK6242.22222895.0095.00Latricieres Chambertin, Boillot, Henri0.7510
Burgundy2017Chambertin Clos de Bèze, Louis JadotBT1 \ 0122,900.001291/94 AM12322.2222213333394.0091.00Chambertin Clos de Beze, Jadot0.7510
Burgundy2017Chambertin Clos de Bèze, Gérard RaphetBT1 \ 6182,280.001291/93 AM18253.3333333333393.0091.00Chambertin Clos de Beze, Raphet, Gerard0.7510
Burgundy2017Chambertin, Maison Henri BoillotBT0 \ 662,500.0012 6277.77777066667Chambertin, Boillot, Henri0.7510
Burgundy2017Gevrey Chambertin, Domaine DurochéBT0 \ 66520.001287/90 AM657.77777733333390.0087.00Gevrey Chambertin, Duroche0.7510
Burgundy2017Gevrey Champonnets, Heresztyn-MazziniBT0 \ 66710.0012 678.888888Gevrey Champonnets, Heresztyn-Mazzini0.7510
Burgundy2017Gevrey Clos Saint Jacques, Louis JadotBT1 \ 0121,125.001291/94 AM1212594.0091.00Gevrey Clos St Jacques, Jadot0.7510
Burgundy2017Gevrey Clos Saint Jacques, Louis JadotJB33500.00
bt91/94 AM3141.6666666666794.0091.00Gevrey Clos St Jacques, Jadot310
Burgundy2017Gevrey Chambertin Seuvrees, Domaine Hubert Lignier NewBT2 \ 024510.001289/91 AM2456.66666666666791.0089.00Gevrey Seuvrees, Lignier, Hubert0.7510
Burgundy2016Chambertin, Maison Henri BoillotBT0 \ 662,680.0012 6297.77777066667Chambertin, Boillot, Henri0.7510
Burgundy2016Charmes Chambertin, Domaine SerafinBT0 \ 33200.00bt 3266.66666666667Charmes Chambertin, Serafin0.7510
Burgundy2016Mazis Chambertin, Domaine FaiveleyMG0 \ 332,200.00692/95 AM3244.4444373333395.0092.00Mazis Chambertin, Faiveley1.510
Burgundy2015Chambertin Clos de Bèze, Louis JadotBT1 \ 0123,600.001295 AM1240095.0095.00Chambertin Clos de Beze, Jadot0.7510
Burgundy2015Chambertin Clos de Bèze, Domaine Prieuré-Roch

Not in original carton

MG0 \ 113,833.33
bt 12100Chambertin Clos de Beze, Prieure-Roch1.510
Burgundy2015Chambertin, Domaine Perrot-MinotMG0 \ 111,400.00bt96/98 ST1933.3333333333398.0096.00Chambertin, Perrot-Minot1.510
Burgundy2015Gevrey Cazetières, Henri MagnienBT0 \ 66990.001290 AM611090.0090.00Gevrey Cazetieres, Magnien, Henri0.7510
Burgundy2015Gevrey Chambertin, Louis JadotHV2 \ 048430.0024 4847.777776Gevrey Chambertin, Jadot0.37510
Burgundy2015Gevrey Champeaux, Henri MagnienBT1 \ 012800.00
12 1280Gevrey Champeaux, Magnien, Henri0.7510
Burgundy2015Gevrey en Champs, Maxime Cheurlin-NoellatBT1 \ 012800.00
1289/91 NM128091.0089.00Gevrey en Champs, Cheurlin-Noellat, Maxime0.7510
Burgundy2015Mazis Chambertin, Domaine FaiveleyBT0 \ 661,900.001293/95 AM6211.1111106666795.0093.00Mazis Chambertin, Faiveley0.7510
Burgundy2014Chambertin, Joseph Faiveley (negoce)

6 bottle OWC, bottle numbers 37 & 38 of only 234 produced

BT0 \ 22275.00bt 2366.66666666667Chambertin, Faiveley, Joseph (negoce)0.7510
Burgundy2014Chambertin, Jean-Marie FourrierJB112,700.00bt92/94 AM190094.0092.00Chambertin, Fourrier, Jean-Marie (Negoce)310
Burgundy2014Charmes Chambertin, Domaine Coquard Loison-FleurotBT0 \ 661,800.0012 6200Charmes Chambertin, Coquard Loison-Fleurot0.7510
Burgundy2014Gevrey Lavaux Saint Jacques, Domaine Dugat-Py New


BT0 \ 11216.67
bt93 ST1273.3333333333393.0093.00Gevrey Lavaux St Jacques, Dugat-Py0.7510
Burgundy2014Griotte Chambertin, Joseph Drouhin NewMG0 \ 332,850.006 3316.66666666667Griotte Chambertin, Drouhin1.510
Burgundy2014Latricières Chambertin, Jean-Marie FourrierJB11750.00bt91/93 AM125093.0091.00Latricieres Chambertin, Fourrier, Jean-Marie (Negoce)310
Burgundy2014Ruchottes Chambertin, Philippe Pacalet NewBT0 \ 664,500.0012 6500Ruchottes Chambertin, Pacalet, Philippe0.7510
Burgundy2013Chambertin Clos de Bèze, Bouchard Père et FilsBT1 \ 0121,800.001295 ST1220095.0095.00Chambertin Clos de Beze, Bouchard Pere0.7510
Burgundy2013Chambertin, Louis RemyMG1 \ 061,500.006 6166.66666666667Chambertin, Remy, Louis1.510
Burgundy2013Gevrey Clos Saint Jacques, Louis JadotBT5 \ 0601,050.001293 NM60116.6666666666793.0093.00Gevrey Clos St Jacques, Jadot0.7510
Burgundy2013Latricières Chambertin, Domaine FaiveleyBT1 \ 0121,250.001293/95 AM12138.88888895.0093.00Latricieres Chambertin, Faiveley0.7510
Burgundy2012Gevrey Clos des Issarts, Domaine FaiveleyBT1 \ 012650.001290/92 AM1272.22222133333392.0090.00Gevrey Clos des Issarts, Faiveley0.7510
Burgundy2011Chambertin, Domaine DamoyBT2 \ 0242,500.001293 AM24277.7777706666793.0093.00Chambertin, Damoy, Pierre0.7510
Burgundy2010Chambertin, Chantal Remy (Louis Remy)BT1 \ 0122,600.0012 12288.888888Chambertin, Remy, Chantal0.7510
Burgundy2009Chapelle Chambertin, Domaine DamoyBT0 \ 662,100.001293 AM6233.3333333333393.0093.00Chapelle Chambertin, Damoy, Pierre0.7510
Burgundy2009Gevrey Chambertin VV, Domaine Dugat-PyBT1 \ 0121,550.001290 AM12172.2222213333390.0090.00Gevrey Chambertin VV, Dugat-Py0.7510
Burgundy2009Gevrey Champs Chenys, Domaine Joseph Roty and Domaine Philippe RotyBT1 \ 012900.001291 AM1210091.0091.00Gevrey Champs Chenys, Roty0.7510
Burgundy2009Gevrey Clos Saint Jacques, Louis Jadot

6 bottle minimum order

BT1 \ 0121,500.001293 AM12166.6666666666793.0093.00Gevrey Clos St Jacques, Jadot0.7510
Burgundy2009Griotte Chambertin, Domaine PonsotBT1 \ 0123,550.001294 AM12394.4444573333394.0094.00Griotte Chambertin, Ponsot0.7510
Burgundy2009Mazis Chambertin, Domaine MaumeBT1 \ 0121,900.0012 12211.111104Mazis Chambertin, Maume0.7510
Burgundy2008Chambertin, Domaine DamoyBT1 \ 0122,500.001293 AM12277.7777773333393.0093.00Chambertin, Damoy, Pierre0.7510
Burgundy2008Chambertin, Domaine Trapet NewBT0 \ 664,300.001293 AM6477.7777773333393.0093.00Chambertin, Trapet0.7510
Burgundy2008Gevrey Clos Saint Jacques, Domaine Bruno ClairBT2 \ 0242,400.001293 AM24266.6666666666793.0093.00Gevrey Clos St Jacques, Clair, Bruno0.7510
Burgundy2007Chambertin Clos de Bèze, Domaine Perrot-MinotMG0 \ 333,900.00692/95 AM3433.3333333333395.0092.00Chambertin Clos de Beze, Perrot-Minot1.510
Burgundy2006Charmes Chambertin TVV, Domaine Joseph Roty and Domaine Philippe Roty

Not in original carton

MG0 \ 553,750.00
693 AM5377.7777773333393.0093.00Charmes Chambertin TVV, Roty1.510
Burgundy2006Gevrey Clos Saint Jacques, Louis JadotBT2 \ 0241,140.001293 AM24126.6666666666793.0093.00Gevrey Clos St Jacques, Jadot0.7510
Burgundy2006Ruchottes Chambertin, Domaine Georges Mugneret NewBT0 \ 6610,500.001293 AM61166.666666666793.0093.00Ruchottes Chambertin, Mugneret, Georges0.7510
Burgundy2005Chambertin Clos de Bèze, Domaine Drouhin LarozeBT2 \ 0242,850.001293/95 AM24316.6666666666795.0093.00Chambertin Clos de Beze, Drouhin-Laroze0.7510
Burgundy2005Gevrey Clos Saint Jacques, Domaine Armand Rousseau

Not in original carton

BT0 \ 6624,000.00
1294 AM6240094.0094.00Gevrey Clos St Jacques, Rousseau0.7510
Burgundy2005Gevrey Combottes, Domaine Dujac

Not in original carton

HV0 \ 33270.83
bt91/93 AM3666.6666666666793.0091.00Gevrey Combottes, Dujac0.37510
Burgundy2002Chambertin Clos de Bèze, Domaine Drouhin Laroze

Not in original carton, slightly damaged labels and capsules

bt89/92 AM240092.0089.00Chambertin Clos de Beze, Drouhin-Laroze310
Burgundy2002Mazis Chambertin, Domaine Dugat-Py

Not in original carton

BT0 \ 11800.00
bt95 AM1100095.0095.00Mazis Chambertin, Dugat-Py0.7510
Burgundy1999Gevrey Chambertin, Domaine Hubert Lignier NewBT1 \ 0121,600.001285/86 AM12177.7777773333386.0085.00Gevrey Chambertin, Lignier, Hubert0.7510
Burgundy1999Latricières Chambertin, Louis JadotBT1 \ 0121,860.0012 12206.66666666667Latricieres Chambertin, Jadot0.7510
Burgundy1990Gevrey Clos Saint Jacques, BartetBT0 \ 663,900.0012 6433.33333333333Gevrey Clos St Jacques, Bartet0.7510
Burgundy1988Chambertin, Joseph Drouhin New

OWC, high fills, some very slightly damp affected labels

BT 0 \ 10106,900.00
1294 NM10711.1110826666794.0094.00Chambertin, Drouhin0.7510
Burgundy1985Gevrey Cazetières, Domaine Armand Rousseau

High fills, damp affected labels

BT0 \ 22900.00bt89 AM2120089.0089.00Gevrey Cazetieres, Rousseau0.7510
Burgundy1983Gevrey Lavaux Saint Jacques, Antonin Rodet

Not in original carton

BT0 \ 55145.83
bt 5166.66666666667Gevrey Lavaux St Jacques, Rodet0.7510
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